'The Story of Cruel Frederick' [Stop-frame Animation] 2018

An adaptation of Heinrich Hoffman's poem 'Die Geschichte vom bösen Friederich' created collaboratively at Wimbledon UAL.

Roles taken on: Story-boarder, puppet-maker, set-maker, prop-maker, animator, DIY dolly track-maker.

'OTOKRAT' [Stop Frame Animation] 2020

My graduate piece based on a 5 year long personal project, Paracosm. Release date: 29th May 2020.

Roles taken on: Director, story-boarder, puppet-maker, set-maker, animator, editor. 

'A Fugue Serenade' [Short Film] 2017

The product of a 2-week group experiment to create a short-film using an iPhone, tripod and monopod.

Roles taken on: Director, storyboarder, costume designer and prop-maker.

'Rodney' [Short Film] Colonel Blink Productions - 2017

Short-film that I worked for as an Art Director's assistant. The main task; creating the pet graveyard.

'Lose Your Love' - Joe Goddard [Music Video] Colonel Blink Productions - 2017

Music video that I worked for as an Art Director's assistant.

'The Nightmare of the Eternal Meeting' [Installation Video] 2018

Short-film created within a day in a collaborative project at Wimbledon UAL, presented as part of an installation.

Roles taken on: Writer, puppet-maker and editor.

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