OTOKRAT: Emine Oktay's Stop-frame Animation.

 Graduate project at Wimbledon College of Arts UAL. 

OTOKRAT [meaning autocrat/dictator in Turkish] is a stop-frame conclusion of the Paracosm project that Emine Oktay has been working on for the past 7 years. 

Paracosm serves as a reflection of Emine's mixed heritage; illustrating cultural barriers and how this plays into an individuals' identity. This project was previously made up of illustrations, paintings, scriptures and sculptures; depicting an alternate world of gangly, phallic-headed creatures, a scorching red sun and a blistering white moon. 

Five years down the line, OTOKRAT became a means of finding closure from experiences of domestic violence, while also exploring consent, sexuality and a sense of 'belonging'.

Watch the Vimeo Screening of OTORAT below:


Teaser Trailers:

Special thanks to the music composer, Sam Harris, and 4D Modelshop for their support.

While I was fortunate enough to create the puppets and sets on campus at Wimbledon UAL, lockdown began just before filming. Despite these circumstances, I was able to bring everything home and turn my living room into a small studio; filming for a total of 4 weeks. So thank you to Jay Green, Jack Perry and Edward Soolia for lending me equipment that allowed me to film from home. Finally, a thank you to Louie Silver, for transporting all of my work home from the campus.

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